Semiosphere Installation, Ludwig Museum Budapest 2020 ( photo: Andrew Friend) 

Immersive Installation: ten fiberglass sculptures, chromacoat,  speakers, audio players.

Semiosphere is an immersive sound sculpture that allows viewers to experience a fictional event and its aftermath from a range of alternate point of views. Ten helmets, each equipped with on-board audio and featuring a range of narrative soundscapes, are hung overhead in the form of a swarm-shaped installation. The position of each individual helmet within the swarm defines the audio direction and narrative experience. Everyone has the chance to create their own unique pathway through the installation in order to build and shape the story they are given to hear.



Above: Semiosphere Installation with the artist, Ludwig Museum Budapest 2020 (photo: Balázs Glódi). Below: Semiosphere Installation with participant, Ludwig Museum Budapest 2020 (photo: Dénes Erdös). 

Semiosphere: : The Death of the Web [Edition 1] 

Semiosphere: : The Death of the Web envisions a collapse of the world as we know. A collapse of the network. A collapse of this global instrument of our everyday life. Represented as a spatial sound experience, the helmets teleport participants to a busy waiting room where they listen into individual’s everyday conversation just a month after the death of the web. Through trivial topics and references to well-known socio-political events of human history the future anticipations of living without the internet reveal themselves. A combination of archival sound footage and short exchanges between fictional characters   are part of the audio materials of the installation. Listeners absorb themselves in the fragments of conversations they are randomly part of, then the uncanniness and idiosyncrasies associated with projected event come through, and in-so-doing revealing the overall context and larger narrative of waiting for the unknown.


Semiosphere: The Death of the Web edition blitz-video, Ludwig Museum Budapest 2020 

Semiosphere Installation was launched at Dead Web: The End Exhibition between 24 January to 26 April 2020 at Ludwig Museum Budapest.

The Dead Web: The End at Ludwig Museum Budapest

The Dead Web: The End exhibition walk-through

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Conceptual Visualisation of Semiosphere Installation 2016