Serendipitous Murmurations


SerendipitousMurmurations_Zics_2 copySerendipitousMurmurations_Zics_2 copy


Serendipitous Murmurations is a large-scale audiovisual installation that investigates the relationship between real and simulated by exploring the aesthetic diversity of algorithms modelling the natural phenomenon of flocking through the use of different mathematical formulae.

Exploiting the impact that one experiences when observing murmuration the installation uses computer generated imagery and sonification to simulate these patterns and unravel novel insights into this natural phenomenon. Identifying the shortfall of each algorithm in describing the world as it appears to us, Serendipitous Murmurations turns these into aesthetic formulations. Using algorithms of off-the-shelf software (such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D or Houdini) the process of creating these animations has taken months of fine tuning for the desired aesthetic result.

The work is inspired by the collective motion of birds and aims to evoke both, strong feeling of familiarity and also surprise whilst presenting an  intensified experience of synchronicity. The sound of murmuring facilitates an immersion that let the body atune with the continuous motion.

The project is produced in collaboration with VX Artist György Simán.